Specialist Underground Services Location and Surveying

NBA utilise the latest electronic locating and tracing equipment for the location of underground services.

We are also able to locate earthenware, PVC and other non-metallic pipes.

Our specialised underground service tracing & location experience includes:

  • Water Pipes & Leaks
  • Sewer & Storm Drains
  • Gas Services & Leaks
  • Power, Telstra & Comms Cables
  • Under Slabs & Behind Walls
  • Sewers & Concealed Plumbing
  • Location of Hidden Water, Sewer, Gas Lines
  • Communication Line Locating

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Pipeline Inspection

Underground Survey

Our specialist pipeline and confined spaces inspection cameras can provide a full colour video inspection service on all types of pipes, confined spaces, and cavity areas.

Our inspections are readily tracked from above and the position of any defects or blockages marked for future reference or rectification.

A DVD copy of surveys can be included so that you can identify the exact location of any problems and know the area that needs attention.

Ultrasonic Flow Testing

Services Underground

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement is a non invasive method of determining the flow through a pipeline. Useful in testing fire services, trade waste measurement, and checking your water consumption.

An ultrasonic flow meter measures the velocity of any liquid or gas through a pipe using ultrasonic transducers.

This means we can measure the flow of your installation without any interruption to your service or business.