NBA provide a full range hydraulic engineering expertise across all types of commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and specialist buildings. Our services encompass concept designs, evaluation, detailed design and development solutions, budget estimates and detailed cost plans, tender evaluations, contract administration, building refurbishment design/reports and authorities liaison and submissions.

Our specialised Plumbing & Hydraulic services include:

  • Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage
  • Trade Waste Plumbing, Drainage And Pre-Treatment Of Grease, Chemicals, Acids, Silts And Oils
  • Stormwater Discharge, Retention And Reuse Design
  • Water Conservation And Management, And Cross Contamination Prevention
  • Water Filtration
  • Recycled Water Systems
  • Landscape Watering Systems
  • Agricultural & Urban Irrigation System
  • Specialist Advice on Legislative and Regulatory Matters
  • Pumped Sewerage Reticulation Including Vacuum Plumbing And Drainage Installations
  • Roof Water Catchment, Discharge And Reuse Design
  • Cold Water Reticulation, Pressurisation
  • Hot Water Generation And Reticulation Using Solar, Electricity, Gas Or Heat Pump Technology In Stored, Heat Exchange And Instantaneous Mediums
  • Stormwater And Sub-Soil Drainage Systems
  • Fire Hydrant And Hose Reel Systems
  • Water Features
  • Swimming Pool Pumping, Filtration, Heating And Water Sterilisation Systems
  • Building Code of Australia Consulting